Which Is The Shortest Of The Four Gospels?


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Mark is the shortest gospel
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The shortest of the gospels is Mark, and was thought to follow Matthew in the time line, since Matthew comes before Mark in the gospels, as they appear in the bible. However, scholars now believe Mark's account to be the earliest account.
It is ascribed to Mark the evangelist, and narrates the life of Jesus, from John the Baptist to the ascension.
It concentrates particularly on the last week of his life, and Mark refers to Jesus in different places, as the Son of God and the Messiah.
There are some details that are unique to Mark among the gospels, in that he spoke of them, where the others did not.
For example, the feeding of the five thousand, and the crossing of the lake.
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The shortest of the four gospels is Mark. This gospel tells us, about Jesus's birth, how he lived, died and rose again. It aslso tells us us about many events, and things Jesus did in his lifetime, on the earth. A few of these are:
Jesus calms a storm, Jesus raises a dead girl. Jesus walks on water, Jesus hold the last supper.

A young man called John Mark wrote the book Mark.
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The Gospel of Mark is the shortest of the four Gospels. Mark's Gospel is interesting because it is more chronological than the other three Gospels. Mark's Gospel contains more historical events than the other Gospels and one might say it is "action packed." Most of his Gospel is centred around the events in Galilee, for this is where Jesus began His ministry, travelling from city to city within the Galilean territory.

Mark's Gospel is only sixteen short chapters in length. In Chapter 3 verses 13-19 Mark lists the twelve apostles and adds personal remarks about several of them.
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Mark cause it only has 13 chapters, the other 3 gospels have more chapters than Mark does.

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