What Type Of Clothing Do Muslims Wear?


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Actually Islam is a universal religion so there is no specific kind of clothing prescribed in Islam. However, Islam has given an outline to its followers about what areas to cover and this is the main requirement of modest clothing in Islam.

Men and women have separate covering requirements and they have to follow it subsequently.

- Men must cover their body from their navel to their knee. This is the minimum requirement.
- Their clothing must be loose fitting
- See through clothing must be avoided.
- Men must not use fabrics meant for women like silks etc.

- Women must cover their whole body, including hair and legs. They can leave their faces and hands but they must cover all other parts of their body.
- It is customary for women to wear a headgear that covers their entire head and hair. This same headgear also covers their chest. The rest of the body is usually covered with a gown like clothing. However, this gown like clothing is not a strict requirement, as they can wear anything that is not revealing or very tight.
- Women must not wear clothing that is see through.
- Women must not use fabrics meant for men.

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