What Do Muslims Wear When They Go To Mosque?


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Ellie Hoe answered
There is no formal 'dress code' for a Muslim when he or she visits a mosque. A Muslim is simply supposed to be dressed with modesty and humility. The dress of a Muslim should cover their unmentionables, for a man it is mandatory that their bodies should be covered from their navels to their calves and for a woman it is essential that they cover their entire bodies from head to toe and that their beauty should not be visible to the world. Besides apparel, a Muslim is supposed to have modesty in their eyes and give up all pride and ego.
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meme M. zowawi answered
Muslims wear anything in for the men's wear such as trousers, but it must be below the knee because it is rugged and T-shirts, and I should not be out any graphics animate beings.
The women wear What is a barrier to their bodies and loose and does not carry pictures of animate beings

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