How Do You Levitate?


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Hello, I'am George. Visit my website, if you want to see Tricks with Levitation. All tricks are video explained, so you can learn very easy.  Thank's and have a great day.
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Well, people usually learn to levitate things since childhood. Since they say it comes with practice. I don't know of a specialist in your area. But here is this great site of witchcraft practitioner Rose Ariadne. She also offers mini courses in this field. Hope this site helps you out:
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You sit with your legs crossed and chant " Levitate me powers of gravity" for 5 minutes. Then empty your mind of all thought and you will rise.
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Levitation is a physical impossibility if you are standing on the surface of the earth. The gravitational pull can only be overcome briefly when you jump, but of course you return swiftly to earth. An aircraft diving towards the earth will create conditions of weightlessness for the crew - such as is experienced by an astronaut - but this is not strictly levitation. Levitation type tricks are sometimes performed by magicians, it can look quite convincing but it is simply an illusion. The magician creates the conditions for you to see what you want and expect to see, like sawing the lady in half and the usual disappearing people kind of tricks. They are good fun but are just very clever illusions, nothing mystical is taking place.

People will sometimes believe what they want to believe. A good comparison is the so called surgical operation you may have seen performed on TV by a mystic in some far off land. They claim to operate on and cure people with their bare hands, without anesthesia. There is no wound after the operation is complete. Gullible people really believe that this is beneficial and can cure an illness. There is a fee to pay of course for the service. Remember, there was only one person who could do things like this for real and He turned water into wine, made a few fish feed five thousand people and brought dead people back to life. Don't believe mumbo-jumbo!
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To say that levitation is physically impossible is a very synical way to think. Have you ever watched the show Mindfreak. He uses no ropes or tricks and yet he can levitate. Explain that please.
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Meditation is the process in which you concentrate on yourself.When someone is doing meditation he lose contact with actual world,and enters in another world,where he can control his body and mind.If you are doing meditation for years,you gain some power in which you can make yourself as stiff as stone and as light as feather.You can control your hunger,urine and all the short you get control on all over your body.So you can make yourself few inches above floor also.But this process is too hard only few people in this world can do this.
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To "levitate" you must cut holes in your pants and  jump off something high so it pushes you. Theres a video on youtube that tells about it. I would do it but all my pants are like 40 bucks and in texas, you don't need pants most of the time even in winter.
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I agree with you Hoby. There was only one person who could do that, and no one else. It's so stupid how people belive that there are such thing as levitation, magic, or any other mumbo-jumbo. I bet those people learn those things from watching movies with super heros and special effects. It's not real, they're using computers.
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Its impossible, you, nor anyone else can do it. The only time you'll see something levitate is in a magic trick, which aren't real.
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Levitating is physically impossible, however there are many tricks that you can do to make it appear like your levitating.
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Things like levitation and astral projection are considered to be equivalent to parlor tricks to serious practitioners of meditation.  I know levitation seems like it would be neat in theory, but it kind of misses the point.  More power to you though.
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Levitate means "to ascend." As a part of pyschokinesis, physical objects and people are lifted into the air or 'float' in the air without any physical aid. In Buddhism, it is mentioned that one can levitate himself or herself through meditation. In this kind of spiritual meditation, one has to be completely focused in the mind. There have been marvellous achievements which have taken place in levitation especially in the tribal areas of Africa, parts of America and Asia.

The guru of levitation David Blaine has shown the modern techniques of levitation, which can be practiced by amateurs and any learner who wish to be absorbed in the fantastic world of levitation. Levitation as a technique is a detailed topic and requires careful observation and learning. The best site for levitation which has a wealth of information is' target='_blank' class='qa'>
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You're tapping into demonic forces when you perform a supernatural action such as levitation, telekinesis or astral projection. Many of these 'abilities' are dangerous and you should not seek this power. All power comes with a cost and a consequence. It's better to tap into the true source of all power in the universe, who is the God of the Bible, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

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