If You Could Do One Thing To Change The World, What Would You Do?


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I'll change to be the most person in the world who does the most good, so that people could see that God is the best...
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Change the work week to 20 hours, thus doubling employment,as the need for things and services would increase due to income being spread. The minimum wage would have to provide enough for a single family member to work that and still live so that if the other party chose to work the FAMILY would have TIME because TIME is irreplaceable. As more people entered the workforce more people would input money through the circulation,as it is not the earning of money that bring economy it is the circulation of such. The government would collect near double the taxes, therefore able to lower them yet more. Rush hour would be split into different shifts lowering times on the roads and in turn pollution. More people would have more time to induldge in movies, theatre, travel, sports also increasing ECONOMY. If the current unemployment is around 8-? Percent and we were forced smaller work weeks there would be need for an influx of employees...then outsourcing and illegal immigration would have less of an effect on our unemployment rate. Lower unemployment rates=lower unemployment insurance. The OPTION to better yourself or work more than 20 hours a week should be the choice of the FAMILY and not an expectation of society

It has statistically proven that Men, and the wealthy live longer than women and poverty strucken. Most likely lifestyle type issue?
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I would want all people to have a sense of a God or at least a Divine Designer for the universe. It would give people meaning and purpose and a sense that they are accountable for their acts. It would also give them Hope when they feel lost and hopeless to know that there is more to this planet then what we can see or empirically prove.
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Simple solution do the right things, each and every living being follows this simple solution than every problem would be solved. But remember there is loads of difference between "Good and Right" . Being good will not do great things instead one should do the right thing.

Golden words " Do what is Right in the eyes of the Jesus Christ"
"Love each and every person and forgive him or her"
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I will change the way of living..
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I would make it so that all the evil people would become good, all the foolish people would become wise, and all the hungry people got food.If the evil were good, the foolish were wise, and nobody was hungry, nearly every problem in the world would be solved.

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