If Breast Milk Is Made From And/or Contains The Mothers Blood Cells, Does This Mean That Jehovas Witnesses Cannot Breast Feed?


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Breast milk is made from specialist sweat glands; milk (human milk, cow's milk, whatever kind) is basically enriched sweat.

Nutrients and other substances do diffuse from the blood into the milk across permeable membranes, but blood does not normally enter into the milk itself.

If a woman is unlucky and suffers from cracks in her areola she may end up bleeding as she feeds, leading to the baby ingesting some of mother's blood along with the milk. I think even JWs are pragmatic enough to see this as a problem that needs preventing and sorting not a reason to avoid breastfeeding altogether.

Moreover, it can be argued that the baby just drinks and digests the blood; what JWs object to is the commingling of blood from different people, and this would only happen via breastfeeding if the baby also had a sore or cut in the mouth.

For the same reasons that it's okay for the foetus's blood to commingle, a tiny bit with the mother's, in utero, via the placenta. It simply can't be prevented, and it's still far from the mixing of whole blood from one person with another.
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Diane Harrison
Diane Harrison commented
How did Adam and Eve feed their children? Did they have baby bottles back then?
Paisley  Moon
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Actually, storing one's own blood and using it at a later time is unhealthy-so the JWs got that one right!
Paisley  Moon
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JWs are VERY good at explaining doctrines and follow Jesus before man
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Jehovah's Witnesses have their own laws of logic when it comes to blood. They do not accept whole blood, but they accept fragments from whole blood. Their doctrine have changed many times through the years. Blood is no good, but organs transplants are OK. Go figure!
To answer the question, yes Jehovah's Witness mothers do breast feed.
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They can due to the fact that milk is not blood
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For one that makes no sense and two yes a jehovah witness can breast feed.
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No not at all.Jehovah made women to feed their babys to make them stronger if we women were made like that then Jehovah must not have a problem wit that

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