I Had A Dream That My Breast Was Full Of Milk And It Was Just Coming Out. What Does This Mean?


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A dream about lactating is thought to be a represent the maternal instincts of the dreamer.

If you already have a child, this could symbolize your bond with them; if not, it could be interpreted as a manifestation of your desire to be a mother.

Allegedly, the more milk you produce in your dream, the more enthusiastic you are about the thought of having children.

Does This Mean I'm Ready To Have Children?

Not at all - just as picturing your dream wedding doesn't mean you're ready to get married. Dream interpretation is not a science and you shouldn't base any life decisions on it, so just take your time and don't rush into anything.

Other Explanations

Has anyone close to you had a baby recently, or are you approaching a new stage in your life? Going to college or getting engaged can be big changes in your life - and the motherhood associated with lactation could be symbolizing this.

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Go to this web site www.dreammoods.com look on top for the link dream dictionary look under the words you mention on your question like breast and/or milk. This is the sight I go to when I have wierd dreams.Hope this helps.
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It could be an expression of love for your child.
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It could be like breast feeding a baby you kno

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