What Is Immortality Of The Soul?


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Immortality of souls means that the souls which do not have life and are dead which is by the way a wrong fact because the souls never die but it is the body which die.
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I truly believe that there is something else for us after we die. Even science proves so. It's a fact that our body has an electrical charge, it can be measured. It's also proven that electricity does not dissipate, it merely changes form.....
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We are all born with a soul, when we pass away, we are free of the body, and our immortal soul lives on forever in heaven. Hope this helps.
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Different philosophers claim to justify our belief in the immortality of the soul in different ways. They offer ontological, teleological, moral, empirical and even physiological proofs.

1- Ontological Proof: Plato takes the soul as a simple spiritual substance that is neither divisible nor destructible. The question of end or annihilation being applicable to composite objects alone, cannot arise here. The human soul is thus essentially immortal. This simple or unitary soul is something completely separate from the body and exists after our physical death. Death does not close the chapter of the soul's development in the mighty drama of evolution, but rather opens up untold possibilities before it.

2- Teleological Proof: The teleological principle states that a beginning destiny is known from its activity. In organisms, there is always a co-relation between the organ and its function. So the destiny of man can also be known from his activities. As human activities refer to an end in life and the final realization of that end or ideal, the soul must be immortal.

3- Moral Proof: If morality is of ultimate significance, then virtue ought to be rewarded and vice punished. But good people are not always rewarded here in this life. Hence this required a future life where the wrongs may be righted. Again the moral life is a struggle for the attainment of an ideal. As we cannot attain it here, immortality of the soul must be accepted.

4- Empirical Proof: Some philosophers hold that certain mental events like thought, transference, automatic writings etc. prove the existence of the soul even after death.

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