We Have Eyes, But We Don't Always See. Can You Explain As An Essay?


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An example of this, is even though we have eyes, we don't or refuse to see the problems or beauty around us. You don't realize what you have until you've lost it. You may pass someone by everyday, and not notice, or see them, but only once they are gone, do you realize. I hope this gives you some ideas of what this term refers to
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It could be well explained by a painter with his art and imaginations. We do have eyes but we do not know how to see the world.
We might not be sseing the poverty, the humiliations, the discrminations and so on. All we try to see is related to ourselves and our loved ones.
So if you want to utilize your eyes, try to see the whole world.
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We have eyes ,but don't always see why? Can you explain?
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This could also mean we can see what's in front of us but we can't really perceive the deeper meanings of it.

It's kinda like how Aicha was talking about art. Sometimes we glance at a piece of art and think "wow that's pretty" or "I don't like that". When we do this though, we don't always see the artist's intentions of that piece of art or their thoughts. We see it but we really don't.
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