What's The Star Sign For Someone Born On August 28?


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In astrology, people born on the 28th of August come under the sign of Virgo. In fact, anyone born between the 23rd of August and the 22nd of September is classified as a Virgo.

The Virgo sign or symbol is the virgin, often depicted as Astraea, a virgin goddess of the Greeks.

The sign of Virgo is associated with the constellation of Virgo, and is related to the sun occupying the tropical zodiac between the 23rd of August and the 22nd of September.

The element associated with this star sign is earth, and the planetary body believed to rule the personality of Virgos is Mercury.

The star sign of people born on the 28th of August is Virgo. They have both good and bad characteristics.
Virgo has some very valuable assets:

  • They are modest, humble and at times shy, which makes them rather likeable people.
  • Their working lives benefit from their reliability and meticulous attitude.
  • Virgo is a practical sign, whose diligence makes them hardworking people.
  • They are very intelligent people.
Unfortunately, Virgos also possess some negative character traits:

  • Virgos are fussy individuals, whose constant worrying can irritate other zodiac signs.
  • When their peers do not live up to expectations, Virgos can be overly-critical and somewhat harsh on them.
  • Virgoans do not appreciate change, and instead prefer a balanced and stable existence.
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