What Is The Zodiac Sign Of A Baby Boy Born On The 16th Of August?


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A person born on the 16th of August is a Leo.

Leo - which is depicted by the lion - includes anybody born between the dates of July 23 to August 22.

Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac, and is preceded by Cancer and succeeded by Virgo.

This sign's element is fire, its zodiac quality is fixed and it's ruled by the sun.

What is the personality of somebody born on August 16?
Leos possess many positive personality traits:

  • They are known to be good-natured, warm-hearted and generous souls, who always look out for the needs of others.
  • Leos are creative individuals, who put enthusiasm and effort into both their working and personal lives.
  • They are broad-minded, and open to new ideas and theories. They like to look at the bigger picture, rather than the little details.
  • Usually they tend to be very faithful and loving people, which makes them well-suited to long-term and serious relationships.
However they may also display some not-so-good attributes to their personalities:

  • They have the potential to be patronizing and, at times, pompous. These traits do not endear other signs to Leos.
  • Leos may also be bossy, and try to control every situation. This can lead them to get involved in situations and problems that do not concern them.
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A child born August 16, 2006 would have a 23 degree Leo Sun. If you are going to include the birth time, you also need to include the city, state or country you were born in. An astrologer needs all three to accurately run your chart.
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The baby is a Leo.

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