What Do You Value In Life?


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I value a lot in life, but the top 5 things that I feel are most important in life are family, money, love, education, and a healthy lifestyle
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It is a difficult question as different people consider different things as important in their lives and values them the most. Before you ask yourself this question, you need to ask your self, what is it that is the most important for you in your life for you to value. I value "love" the most. Most people value things they do not have and learn to value them as they realize they are loosing it. It pays well if you value the things that you feel are important in your life.

A rich man may value money the most maybe that is the reason why he is rich. A musician will value his music the most that is why he is good at what he plays. Love is the most valued thing in my life because I never valued it while it was there. It was only when it was taken away from me, is when I started to value it the most.
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There are many things I value but I mostly value my family there all I need
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Love of a spouse, of your children,of nature, of caring and having enough money to see way through.
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I value everything that I think it's valuable or good, we should live happily then we should value it better and improving .
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Other than God my three beautiful children and my handsome husband.

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