What Effect Do You Think Religious Pluralism And The Interfaith Movement Will Have On The Future Of Organized Religion? Explain Your Answer.


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I don't think it will have any noticeable effect. The religions that are traditionally tolerant of this- hinduism, buddhism, shintoism to some extent- and the 'religions' that exist, more accurately, as a philosophical reference point with spiritual elements, such as taoism and confucianism- have always been moderately 'interfaith' and so this isn't changing them at all in any noticeable way, and at the same time these faiths have always maintained a fairly rigid identity.

the 'iron clad' faiths, if you will- mostly islam and christianity- are more resistant to this, for a variety of reasons- internal pressures telling them that if they agree with something else then they don't agree with their own faith, external recognition that we have all observed- that if, for example, you're christian and are seen going into a strip club, and you're not blind folded and handing out pamphlets, you're seen as 'not really christian'.

the same applies to the whole 'inter-faith' movement. All the truly religious people from the iron-clad faiths are looking at this and saying "well, good riddance to you, since you apparently never really believed this anyway", and the pluralism is the way that the already pluralist faiths ahve been doing anyway- and it has absolutely no effect on taoism.

in short, it can be seen as nothing but another religion of people who religiously disagree with things that they don't really believe in, but who want to have spiritual discussions and be seen as peaceful anyway.
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