What Is My Favorite Color If I'm A Scorpio?


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Traditionally, Scorpios have been associated with the color black, and with other dark colors. They have also been known to favour more shocking colors such as bright red, purple or pink.

Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac, and is preceded by Libra and succeeded by Sagittarius.

Scorpios are those people born between October 24th and November 22nd.

What is a Scorpio's favourite color?
  • Scorpio's element is water.
  • The sign is depicted by the scorpion.
  • Scorpio is ruled by both Pluto and Mars.
  • This sign's quality is negative - which means that Scorpios are generally inwardly-reflective and introverted.
  • Scorpio's mode is fixed, which is why they are usually stable, determined and persistent people.
Scorpios possess the following positive characteristics:

  • People born under this sign are known for their persistence, determination and sometimes forceful nature. These are handy traits when it comes to their careers.
  • They are emotional, intuitive and empathetic people - because water is Scorpio's element.
  • Scorpios are also known for their powerful, passionate and exciting personalities, which usually makes them popular people.
However Scorpios are also known for some of their not-so-good traits:

  • They are jealous and resentful people, which does not help them when they are in a long-term relationship.
  • Scorpios have also been known to display obsessive and compulsive behaviours, which will irritate other signs of the zodiac.
  • They also have the tendency to be obstinate and secretive people, which can make their partners suspicious.
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I'm a Scorpio and my favourite colour is purple.

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