What Is Your Favorite Color, And What Is Your Zodiac Sign?


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Maud La Roux answered
What is a Sagittarius's favourite color?

Well, darlings, my star sign is Sagittarius and my favourite color is purple - which fortunately is exactly the color that brings Sagittarians luck!

  • Sagittarians' lucky numbers are six and five.
  • Their lucky days are supposed to be Wednesday and Friday, and their lucky gemstone is emerald - which should be worn as a ring on the index finger.
I've had relationships with every single sign of the zodiac over the years, but as a Sagittarius, I have found that Aries and Leo to be the signs that are most compatible with mine.

However, for pure sexual pleasure, Taurus men are miles ahead of the rest. Unfortunately, I have found that my sign is not at all compatible with Geminis, Virgos or Pisceans.
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Charming Gurl answered
Well I like the colors of nature. I mean blue, green, white, etc. But my favorite is green. My zodiac sign is Libra.
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Pamela Krueger answered
Favorite color is blue; my sign is Gemini/Cancer because I'm on the cusp.
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Cliff Marrero answered
My favorite color is red and I'm an Aries! Watch out!
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paul williams answered
I'm with desertkid. I like blue and I'm a Gemini.
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My favorite color is orange and I'm a Sagittarius. I also gravitate toward warmer colors - red, orange, yellow - in general.
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Jazlyn Bell answered

Turquoise, because it is a calming color, I don't like too bright or too dark colors.. And I'm Aries.

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