Where Can I Get A Christian Women's Day Speech?


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  • Nannie Helen Borrough
A very famous speech, by Christian woman Nannie Helen Borrough, is called 'How the sisters are hindered from helping'. She recited this speech at the National Baptist Convention in 1900 and it is still famous for it today.

The speech highlighted the importance of equal rights between men and women within the church. At the time, women were denied much input into the church but Nannie changed this through her powerful speech.

  •   Online women's day speeches

A website where you can find Christian Women's Day speeches is Heaven inspirations has been designed to inspire people to look for Jesus in their everyday lives.

There are many different sections to the website where you can read poetry, stories, scripture, listen to songs and read 'inspirationals' and 'devotionals' so this is a great website if you are looking for inspiration for writing a Christian Women's Day speech.

A section of 'Heavens Inspirations' that you may be particularly interested in is the section for women. If you scroll down n the left hand side of the page you will come to 'For Women'. Here there is 'Women's Corner', 'Poetry to Inspire' and 'Testimonies' - all specifically collected as they will have particular meaning for women. There is also a dedicated 'Women's Devotionals' section.

A brilliant Women's Day speech can be found by following this link:
While this speech does contain some religious elements, it is not a specific Christian speech. It is inspirational and focuses on some important subjects that are often raised on International Women's Day.

The speech focuses on the empowerment of women and how women should come together in a close bond of friendship. The speaker is an Indian poet who has many more thought provoking poems, speeches and texts and these can be found on her website

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