What Is Your Strength?


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Good question. I think its a fair chance for me to explain my strengths.

Strength can be mental, physical, emotional, intellect and many more.

Now the question is about my strengths.

First of all I believe that I have very good presentation skills and this is not just my perception about myself but lots of my class fellows admit this openly and praise my presentation skill and I believe this is one of my strength where I can have an edge over others.

Secondly I have been working quite hard over my overall personality so I think my hard work is another strength cause putting hard work in your over all personality all the time is very tough job but I do it and have improved lots of my abilities as well as learning new ones.

Thirdly I am quick learner and I think taking less time in achieving something gives you upper hand over people who take time to do same work in longer time frames.

Fourthly my muscular physique and height is another thing which I consider as my strength. Though its genetic but yet is very positive strength and added value to my personality.

Fifthly and the most important strength is in terms of general knowledge and vocabulary which I keep on working time and again to maintain a certain level.

I think these are my major strengths though have many more as well but these are the most prominent I think.

Thanks for such a nice question. Take care.
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A very in depth and articulate answer. You seem to also have excellent self awareness.
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I am passionate about my work. I am a quick learner. I am good with people. I am a very hard worker.
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I don't know my strength points,seriously

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