How Do You Become A Mermaid?


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As far as we are aware, there is no way that you can become a mermaid. If any humans have found out the way to become a mermaid, then it seems that they are keeping it a secret and not letting anyone else know!

About Mermaids

A mermaid is a mythological creature with a female head and body and the torso and tail of a fish. Mermaids are popular characters in fiction, folklore, popular culture and literature. The word is a combination of the Old English word 'mere', meaning sea, and maid, meaning woman. The male equivalent of a mermaid is a merman.


Although mermaids are mythological creatures, there have been a number of claimed sightings of mermaids across the world over the years. In Canada, there was a sighting of a mermaid in the Vancouver and Victoria area sometime between 1870 and 1890, then another sighting in 1967.

In August 2009, the Israeli town of Kiryat Yam decided to offer a $1 million reward for anyone who could prove the existence of mermaids off the coast of the town. The decision to offer the reward came after dozens of people had claimed to see a mermaid leaping out of the water.


Although you cannot become a 'real' mermaid, if you have a lot of time on your hands you might be able to make a fancy mermaid costume for a party, for instance.

Alternatively, if you do not have time to make your own, there are plenty of mermaid costumes available for sale on online auction sites such as eBay.

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  1. Get into a bath or shower, and make sure you're naked. Important note: You do NOT have to do this on a full moon, or use salt water.
  2. Run the taps and say, "gods and naked, walk unto me, glass of the sea, shine upon me, make me a mermaid, when I touch water."
  3. The process will take up to midnight on the next crescent moon.


  • legs sticking together
  • drinking a lot of water, wanting to be in water
  • singing really well
  • craving for salty foods and itchy
  • achey legs
  • scales coming on your legs (you do not get to choose your power or tail colour - it depends on your mood)

it worked (or is working) for me! I hope it works for you! 

Oh yeah, a little extra info, you need a symbol, anything, make sure it's night time, dark, or sunset. Your tail will appear the next morning in  your bed!

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I'm a merman because I was born like that, so if you are looking for a spell, say mine (but it has to be on a full moon with salt water): "powers of the seven seas, make me what I wish to be, a mermaid/merman" and you will get your powers on your birthday.
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This is the spell:

"Thunder and light shall shine so bright, our hearts and our souls are into this spell as we shall say these words:

God of all Goddesses let the light, shine upon us so we shall become one with our other side, our tails shall be chosen as so our powers with strong vibrations and spirit in it. We shall be the ones who will help you and help you watch over your people and help you bring love to our kind."

Even if one person is not serious, the person who is serious will still get the powers.
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You really should just make your own spell, because if someone else tells you a spell then it probably has been used (especially if it was posted on here). The magic isn't as strong then as when it was first used so the magic may not do exactly what you want it to do.
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You can't become a mermaid, because mermaids don't exist. They're mythical creatures, just like unicorns, fairies and elves.

Spells That Turn You Into A Mermaid

These don't work, either. This is probably why all the suggestions about casting spells say you have to wait a long time before the spell works, and is also why people are saying that a transformation spell will only work for one person before being all used up.

I'd love to be able to change into a mythical creature just by saying a few words, but it's not going to happen, unfortunately!

Would You Really Want To Be A Mermaid, Anyway?

There'd be so many disadvantages to being a mermaid. I know I certainly wouldn't want to be one.

If you look into the legends about mermaids, they're not really human — they have the upper body of a female, and that's about it. They can't change form, and live in the ocean amongst themselves. Mermaids are often associated with storms and shipwrecks, too.

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This one has just came to me and has been made for me and I might not work for you if your not the first one but if you are could you please comment if it works

Mermaids of the sea.                         

When I'm wet may I have a tail

The colour (colour you want )

And may I please the power to be (whatever power you would like)

When I am dry back come my two feet

Life of the sea

Hear my plea

Make me what I wish to be a mermaid

It will take one day

Then I can remove the symbol

As the power will be within me

That's all I am so sorry if it didn't work and I got your hopes up but I think it will if you believe and feel free to change some of it side affects include :

Itchy legs

Sore throat 

urge to drink water


Belly aches

Legs sticking together

Legs crossing


Sorry about all the side affects and you have to be in the bath or somehow your legs must be fully wet and you have to wear a symbol that is also fully covered in water and is on the top half off your body hope it works x and good luck all of you who try this and please please please comment if it worked or not thanks for reading and I wish you the best luck xxxxx and as well I do normally advise for you to write your own spell so if mine doesn't work for your and you write own take ideas from mine that's why I'm here to help and inspire you and ...BELIEVE xxxx

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You can become a mermaid by either being born one or by being cursed by the sea. If you are cursed, you can still live as a human but be warned. At any moment when you least expect it, you will suddenly need to find a place to hide because your legs are slowly getting replaced by a fish tail. It can happen anywhere: Whilst your driving, when your asleep or my personal worst, when your in public. Trust me, it's no fun

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Well, here is a spell that worked for me and my friends. You need a few ingredients:

  • sea salt
  • honey
  • a bath tub
  • fish
What you do with this is:

  1. Fill bath tub with water.
  2. Put fish in water
  3. Before going in, cover your legs and breasts with the honey and sea salt
  4. (optional) if you want a certain color for your tail get that color fish scale, and mix it in with the honey and sea salt.
  5. You now proceed to get into the bathtub with the fish.
  6. Be sure to only drink water for the next 10 days (you are allowed to eat whatever pleases you, to make the process faster don't eat any fish).
  7. Swim in lakes or oceans singing the song of the mermaid: "Maku maka. I see you. I would like to swim among you.  Maku maka. I see you. Meyo la ta mego swim."  (Sing this while under water and when above water.  

Now you are finished! You will become a mermaid in 20 days or more.  It depends on your respect for the culture of my people.  I hope I have helped you greatly.  But once you have chosen you may never go back.

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I think there's a chance mermaids exist — after all, we've only explored 5% of our oceans — but I don't think you can turn into one.

I used to want to be a mermaid but I realized that if I was supposed to be a mermaid, God or Zeus or whatever god you believe in would've made me that way.

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