How Do You Turn Into A Mermaid In Water And A Human On Land?


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This is evidently not a simple question of biology. The erudite and refined users of this website know better than to suggest that one can simply exchange ones lower torso and legs for a graceful fish-tail, grow a pair of gills and some waterproof inner-eyelids. The technology is far beyond us at the moment, especially if you wanted to change every time you changed medium. (We could perhaps remove your legs and add a fish tail, but it probably wouldn't work, and your body would likely reject it)

So what them, is at the heart of this question? It is, I believe, a question of attitude. The mermaid, that mystical figure of grace and wonder, that symbol of a human being somehow altered for the better to its environment, is what you must become. Study how a fish moves in the water, and emulate it, for who knows more about swimming than fish? Move like a fish and learn to swim with the water rather than against it, and you will feel yourself growing more adept in the water. As your confidence grows you will find swimming relaxing, and only then will you become truly graceful.

But is it simply a question of learning to swim? I think not. The question asks how to turn back to a human. And thus remind us that even as we learn the joys of the ocean, we must remember how to walk on land and move amongst other humans.

And so the true nature of the question is revealed. This is not really a question about radical surgery, nor one about learning to swim, but about adapting. The 'sea' and 'land' are not physical region, but circumstances in one's life, and one must learn to adapt to each new circumstance with grace and serenity. To learn to adapt now will not divert calamities from the future, but it will help you deal with them when they arrive, and indeed your calm and inner peace will help others also to cope.

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All you have to do is 6 very simple steps:

1. Take a shower
2. Repeat the following spell:
Spirits of the sea hear my shout
When I'm in water-not when out
Give me a tail-not to feet
Make it (color of your choice) shiny and neat
3. Get straight out of the shower and dry yourself quickly
4. Wear a piece of jewelery for no less than two hours
5. Try loads of different hand moves to discover your new power
6.Take a bath and BOOM your tail's there.

Side effects mat include:
1. Addictions to water
2. Irritable legs
3. Dizziness
4. Nausea
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Oh my god the first spell worked for me I'm serious! I'm looking at my tail its a beautiful blue and my power is to lift objects, freeze water and I think I can talk to animals my guinea pig told me hes hungry oh my god I can't believe this thx soooo much thank you thank you thank you!
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Hello answer the question already!!!
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How long does it take the spell to work I looooooooooove mermaids and I really want to become one so how long does it take to work!!!!!!?
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Ok heres a new 1
Sea triton sea witches Let me wish to what I want to be a mermaid with ______ Hair and a ______ tail.
Repeat this 10 times in the shower with cold water with your favorite necklace on.
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Well all you have to do is go into the bath and lock the door and then say
" I want to be,
I want to be,
A beautifull mermaid of the sea"

and the next day you touch water you turn  good luck! ;D
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Well I know a old potion/spell the is rumoured to work...
All you have to do is get the following ingredients and say them at exactly 12:00 am on a full moon. (good to have a luke-warm bath ready)
2 1/2 Cup salt
3 cup water
A lock of your hair and the one person you want to turn with you. (at least 3cm long and dipped in salty water 24 hours before)
3 sea shells (of your choice)
a fish scale (of your choice)
Then drink the ingredients at 12:00am
while saying:

" A Mermaid to be,
mermaid shall we,
I would like a *? Fish tail for me.
Gods of the sea please treasure apon me
, a water peck on thy cheek,
will transform thus into a fairytale dream "

Then the next day you touch water you will be a mermaid/ merman, in around 10-20 seconds.
Side affects may accur: Itching, tiredness, pains and any kinds of drawness to the sea or water.
(Please remmber to be careful on full moons)   Good luck!
P.S. Please make sure you are not illergic to any of the above before you continue this experiment.

*Whatever colour you want your tail to be.
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Get in the tub then put on your favorite symbol (it is what keeps you
human) it can be anytime you want but before dark then say Magic
Spirits of the deep I would like a tail not two feet so give me what I
wish to be so mote it be so mote it be (say it 5 times) then get out dry
off and keep yhe symbol on until the next day. That's it, bye then!

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I suggest writing your own spell it's much more  powerful and can be suited for you good luck

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Whoever believes this has mental issues and needs to be on heavy drugs to chemically balance your body and brain again!

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Go in the bathroom turn of the light close the door (lock the door) go in the bathtub say with your eyes closed "please god make me a mermaid with one foot not 2 feet one makes a tail of your choose" and next time you get wet you turn into a mermiad
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Well I say if you think mermaids r real than say it is real but if you think they r not real than don't let any1 say and boss you around and say mermaids r real and don't let any1 crush your dreams or your hopes
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Unlike most other magical creatures (who are born with their abilities and appearance), a normal human can become a mermaid-like creature. However, it isn't from touching water. Here's how:
1. Obtain (or carve) a bowl of Danish pine, 3 feet by 3 feet in diameter.
2. Gather together these 4 fluids: The blood of a haddock, yellow-colored bile from a mole crab, black-colored bile from a barracuda, and phlegm from a dugong.
3. Mix in bits and pieces of your desired fishy half. It is crucial for the tail end to be whole, and for NO head bits to go in the stew.
4. Simmer the soup over a fire fueled by pieces of wood from a single Warsaw hazel tree until the earliest new moon, regardless of when you started. Stir vigorously every 6 hours.
5. On the earliest new moon, pour the resulting gunk into a saltwater bath, and wash in it. Pay very special attention to the legs and lower back.
6. There should be a sudden loss of feeling in the legs, and a strange sensation from your lower back. This indicates that your legs are receding and your new tail is growing.
7. After 6 minutes and 16 seconds, feel your body to make sure all markers of sirenism (total lack of legs, long & strong tail, scales along lower body, weedy quality of hair, etc.) are in place. If all of these features do not appear by sunrise, then make sure everything was precise.
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What does wearing my fave necklace have 2 do with it? Cause if its going to have an impact on anything, I want 2 know which necklace 2 wear.
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Well, you could try this one:

Insouciant inclemency,
Redoubtable mediocracy,
Refutable humanity,
Make me what I wish to be- a mermaid
Witches one and witches all give this power to me

It may take a few months to work, and srry you don't get to choose the colour
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Don't do this spell! It is a curse!
If you translate it to words we know better, it (roughly) is:
Carefree, Not Kind,
Feared or Commanding, Government ruled by few people,
Error-ed Humanity

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