What Are The Names Of Top Mosques In The World?


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Shah faisal mosque islamabad pakistan
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The Suleymaniyah Mosque: A famous mosque at Istanbul, Turkey, one of the finest and noblest religious edifices in the world. It was built by the great Turkish architect Sinan in 16th century. The height of its great dome measures, 174 feet and the diameter is 105 feet. This mosque is characterized by the symmetrical style of its fa├žade as well as of its interior.

The Blue Mosque or the Mosque of Sultan Ahmed: It is the only one mosque in the world, which six minarets. It embodies Turkish architectural style of construction in its excellence, rather a masterpiece. It was built between 1609 and 1616. The blue mosque derives its name due to its wonderful blue tile work, adoring its interior, giving it an atmosphere of peace in Istanbul, Turkey.

The Great Mosque: It is situated in Beirut, Lebanon. It was constructed on the site, on which was erected the old church of St. Jeandes Chevaliers by the crusaders.

Jamia Mosque: It is located in Delhi, India, and is the considered amongst one of the most beautiful mosques in the world. It is the second largest mosque in the world, built by Shah Jahan, a Moghul emperor, between 1650 A.D. and 1658 A.D. It has 130 feet height minarets.

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