How And Why Do Muslims Pray?


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Muslims pray by facing Mecca. In the centre of Mosque in Mecca, there is a cube-shaped building called Kaaba. All Muslims pray facing Kaaba as the believe that Kaaba is the most holiest place in the world to them.
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Muslims pray to show allah(the arabic name for god) gratitude and thank him for everything he has given us on this earth.
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Also, before praying or going to the Mosque. It is custom to wash in water each part 3 times. Starting with the top of your body down. Starting with the face, ears, nose, mouth, hands (right one first its holy-er) arms, legs and feet.
The idea is to present yourself to Allah as pure as possible.

Also when entering the Mosque one is to enter with the right foot first, and exit with the left.
When in the Mosque men are on the main floor and the women are on the top floor looking down,that way when everyone bends down to pray the men can't lust after a woman whom may be bent in front of him praying. That is a main point way men and women are separated in the Mosque.

Praying is done many times a day, on a timely schedule.
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Muslims pray in a masjid (arabic name) also known ans mosque. Muslims pray by reciting what is called namaz and saying that I will do whatever it takes to get closer to you and never disobey you. They pray because they want to say sorry for anything wrong they have done andto get closer to god.To show respect.
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The Muslims pray by the method of the Namaz, which is also known as the 'Salah'. This comes in the form of five prayers which are done at different times during a day which would be: fajar – the morning prayers, zohar – afternoon prayers, asar – early evening prayers, magrib – after sunset and lastly isha – night prayers.

As to why Muslims pray, it would be best not to get into a discussion as every religion has a particular set of rules or beliefs and would not be right to comment. In the Muslim religion it is necessary for a follower of the religion to pray via the method of the Namaz. It is also said that the praying method of Namaz if not followed five times a day is a very big sin. Also the Muslims are suppose to pray every Friday in the afternoon, this day is known as the "Jumma" and it is compulsory for every Muslim.

The Muslims pray because it is in their religion, it is written in the Quran that:

"The true believers are those who feel a fear in their hearts (of the consequences of violating the commands of God) when God is mentioned. And when His Revelations are recited to them, they find their faith strengthened. They do their best and then put their trust in their Lord." (8:2)"
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When in the Mosque or a crowd they pray with the palms of their hands turned up hands out as if they are about to accept something they face the east always....the best to you
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Muslims pray 5 times a day. Before praying Muslims make themselves clean and then stand for prayer. During the prayer they recite verses from Qur'an, they bend towards Qiblah (ka'aba), they prostrate towards Qiblah. Basically Muslims are told to imagine that they are praying before Allah (God). They pray to show the gratitude and submission towards Allah.

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Rana Ali , The Position of As-Salah in Islam, answered

The Position of Islamic prayer1- As-Salah is the second pillar of the five pillars of Islam.

The Prophet ﷺ, said: “Islam is built upon five pillars: Witnessing that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is His servant and Messenger, and establishing the prayer…” ‎[ Agreed upon.]

2- As-Salah is the best of actions.

The Prophet ﷺsaid: “The best of actions is the prayer early in its time.”‎ [ Source: At-Tirmidhi.]

3- As-Salah is the line between Islam and Kufr (disbelief).

The Prophet ﷺ said: “Indeed between a man, and shirk and Kufr, is abandoning the prayer.” [ Source: Muslim.]

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