Which Scriptures In The Bible Refer To Stewardship?


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Its in Luke chapter 16:1-13 about the parable of the good steward! In verses two, three and four speaks the word stewardship! It pays to be a good steward for the Knigdom of God, in everything that we do for Him! Weather it be our time, money, spending time in prayer, spending time in His word, being a good steward in what we speak out of of mouth! How we treat others etc and how we use our talents and abilities that He generously gives us!...Genaveve
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The Holy Bible, the holy book of the Christians, like all the other scriptures, extols the virtues of tolerance, selfless service and unconditional love. The expounded virtues and the reference to 'stewardship' help the practising Christians to live a life of dictated morality and the 'ideal Christian life'. The Christians read the holy scriptures at Mass every Sunday and some even read a passage daily, either in the morning or in the night, to receive a divine message and be a part of the 'way of life' propounded within.

The quality of 'stewardship' indicates the virtue of 'unconditional giving and service'. It defines the paradigms within which every Christian is expected to abide by. There are a number of references to the virtue of 'stewardship' in the Holy Bible. Some of the references include:

1 Cor. 13: The Love Chapter of the Bible
Isaiah 53: The Messianic Chapter of the Bible
Genesis 1: The Creation Chapter of the Bible
Exodus 20: The Obedience Chapter of the Bible
Matthew 24: The "End" Chapter of the Bible
Acts 2: The Church Chapter of the Bible
1 Timothy 6: The Stewardship Chapter of the Bible
Matthew 16: The Authority Chapter of the Bible

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