What Is A Scripture In The Bible That Talks About Destiny?


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The bible dosent actually use the word destiny but gives us scriptual evidence of two types of destinys for the believer who has received Christ as his Lord and Saviour and is trusting in the shed Blood. And for the unbeliever who dosent receive Him and only trusts in him self! Two destinys. Mat.25:46...two types of graves John.5:28,29...two types of sowing Gal.6:7,8...Physical and spiritual death can be cancelled if we repent! Eternal life is given. John.3:16-20..1John.1:9..Rev21:1-4.or physical and spiritual death as a result of sin by not excepting Christ and what He did on the cross for all mankind who believe and recieve him the end result or ones destiny is Gen.2:17..Rom.8:12,13..Rev.20:11-15..Rev.21:8.. Jesus talks about two gates, the wide and the straight and narrow Mat.7:13,14 then over in John.10:9 Jesus who is our Good Shepherd tells us that He is that gate, If we enter through Him, we will be saved!beceause He came to give us life that is His intended destiny for us!...Genaveve
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Destiny Passages

John 14:1-4
Romans 8:28-30
I Corinthians 2:9-10
Ephesians 1:4-12 and 2:10
2 Timothy 1:9
Hebrews 9:27-29

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