What Is The Islamic Point Of View About Depression?


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As far as the Islamic point of view regarding depression is concerned, it is logical to state here the reasons of Islamic point of view. In fact, Islam is a very rational religion and it always has some reason behind some problems.
In Islam, the basic reason of depression is falsehood and dishonesty, so if a person is practicing these things he will fall victim to depression in his/her life. And it is very logical if you think about it. Just consider that you have faced a problem at your home or you did not work properly whether you are in school or on job. Now, when you would go back to the work or to your school. If you speak the truth that you have not done your job, there will be no need to give the lame excuses. But in case you tell a lie, you will have to explain falsely about your excuses in future. And that will surely cause you tension and depression. So, in Islam, if you want to avoid the tension and depression, you must be truthful and and that is the Islamic point of view regarding depression.
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You have no idea what depression don't you? I consider myself a religious muslim and god know more. Depression is not a result of falsehood and dishonesty; manic and severe depressions are actual illnesses and dysfunction. The return to Allah is essential to help through it but for God's sake how ignorant it is to suggest that those who suffer from depression are false dishonest people? Where did you get that from?
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No, I believe that if you are stressed or tired you should do wuzo or have a bath and clean yourself. So that you don't have any time to get stressed out and read pray to Allah to save you from this trouble sum and make you clean both physically and mentally. It should go away.
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I don't think religions are very good at sussing out what causes depression and how to deal with it.

Islam does not condemn people who are depressed.  Depression is seen as one of the side-effects of being human.  However, the most commonly proposed cure for depression is perhaps a little naive.  As might be expected, it's to submit to Allah's will and to understand that we are put here to be tested.

I think that's a bit blinkered because it ignores the fact that depression is a physical illness too -- often it's a chemical imbalance in the brain.  It may help to prevent from slipping into depression if you have the right attitude that life isn't about getting what you ask for, but it won't help you haul yourself out of a deep depression so easily to be told that.

Studying-islam.org has a nice page on depression, grasping the aspects that are physical, personal and religious.

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