Does Islam Suggest That Mental Illnesses Such As Schizophrenia Only Exist Due To Lack Of Faith, Or Not Enough Reading Of The Holy Koran? What In Islam Would Be A Cure For Such Mental Illnesses


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If that is the belief in Islam, then I would have thought the cure would be believing in the religion more and having more faith in Allah and the Holy Koran.
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It's not exactly that but like scarred said you need to become more better to those around you and you need to do the good things more not the bad!!!
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  I myself have had symptoms of schizophrenia.  I got sent to a hospital talked to lots of doctors and they could do nothing but make me worse.  By ignoring the true problem and given me pills that made me feel worse.  I believe that demons talked to me. Making me think it was my own thoughts. Demons talk to everyone and convince people to sin but to schizophrenics they actually hear a voice. They would constantly put evil thoughts in my head and I was so tormented. I didn't know what to do.  So eventually I turned to God not to the God of allah, but to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  Jesus is the true son of God. He help deliver me from this satanic stronghold.  Now my life is changed and I'm so happy.  Please I care for you because I know what it is like.  Give Jesus a chance.  All that call on the name of the Lord shall be saved. Trust in Jesus and be patient. Good luck and God bless

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