Describe The Status Of Women According To The Islamic Point Of View?


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In Islam women enjoy an exalted and dignified position which can never be found in any other religion of the world. Islam bestows women a very respectable place. Islam is the only religion that recognizes a woman to be a loving daughter of a kind father, a polite wife of a loving husband. A kind hearted mother of a good son and a polite sister of a lovable brother. It recognizes the position of women to be the same as that of men. It claims that both come from the same essence.

The position of the mother is very much exalted in Islamic tradition. The Holy prophet (S.A.W) has gone so far as to say, "Paradise lies underneath the feet of your mother". With regards to women as a daughter, the Islamic attitude can be realized from the reproaches which the Holy Quran makes against the pagan pre-Islamic behavior at the birth of daughters. Islam abolished all types of such disgraces. Islam has drawn a clear line of demarcation between the duties of men and women in the business of their daily life.

According to the teachings of Islam men and women enjoy equal rights in our society but their social responsibilities and duties are different. Woman is the queen of her house. Her main and sacred duties are to look after the domestic affairs, to bring up children with care, to educate the children and to act according to the wishes of her husband. However, Islam does not prevent women from serving in various social institutions. But Islam recommends the duties of women mostly at home. Islam has laid greater stress on the domestic duties of woman.
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Islam gives very high status to the women. for example Holy Prophet(peace be upon him)said that heaven lies beneath the feet of the mother. Similarly Holy Prophet(peace be upon him) admonish about the wives before his death and in his last sermon. Girls were buried alive before Islam but Islam finished this cruel tradition and gave the right and status of a daughter that a daughter deserves.
Islam basically upgraded and gave a great respect to the woman while she was not having any rights.
Islam has kept her share in property. But Islam teaches us that the duties of man and woman are different. They have got different responsibilities. For example, a woman is not liable to go to war she has to take care of the house but if she wants then she can help man in his work or she can do her own job as well.
Islam is the only religion which gives the right of divorce to both man and woman. Islam protects the modesty of the woman everywhere around the globe. That's why woman in Islam are required to cover their body because it is the symbol of modesty as nuns cover their body because of modesty. So Islam really upgraded the women all over the world.

Islam also gave the respect to the women. It gave the right of divorce to the women as well. So in Islam women have the status they deserve.
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Islam, being a religion which grants justice and right to
all, has secured for wives a honourable and a respectful situation in the
society. Islamic teaching reveal that the position a girl attains as a wife has
not only attached to it responsibilities, but also a certain degree of rights
and authority. Wives are partners to their husband in family life. They enjoy
equal authority as that of their husband tomake family decisions. Wives are to
be treated with kindness and respect. Prophet Muhammad said : “the best amongst
you is the one who is best towards his wives.” Quran says: “ husbands and wives
are garments to each other.”

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