How To Write A Church Revival Welcome Letter?


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First of all, it is essential that you understand exactly what is meant by the term "Church Revival". A "Church Revival" is a period of renewed or awakened belief in the teachings of the church, which as a result will cause an influx of new believers to join your congregation. Maybe an event has happened in the world which has inspired people in your area to turn their lives over to God. Whatever the reason, a church revival usually results in mass conversion and renewed zeal during services and in beliefs.

Therefore, if you are writing a welcome letter to accompany a church revival, you should aim to produce a friendly, warm and welcoming document which will thank your new converts for joining you and congratulating them on changing their ways. However, try not to create the feeling that their old lives were "wrong" or "bad" - for the vast majority of people, their lives before conversion were not lived wrongly, they were just lived with the absence of reverence for God. Therefore, you should let them know that their lives are about to become better with the enrichment and fulfillment that leading a life in the conscious presence of the Lord provides. Maybe you could highlight the role of the church community as a large family. When it comes to writing a church revival welcome letter, you cannot place enough emphasis on your delight that your new arrivals have chosen to return to God!

Writing a church revival letter also presents the ideal opportunity for you to include your personal favorite piece of scripture, or other material which you are truly passionate about. If you write about something for which you truly care, your writing will be genuine and believable, and will give your new members a taste of what your community is like.

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