Who Are The Women Prophetess In The Bible?


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Five women are called by name and declared a prophetess in the Bible: Miriam, Deborah, Huldah, Noadiah, & Anna.  Isaiah calls his wife a prophetess in Is 8:3 and the Book of the Acts 21:9 clearly states that Phillips daughters had the gift of prophecy.  I am sure there were many women and men used by God to speak to His people that have been lost to history, just as there are many men and women being used by God today. Their names are not recorded in human history, but God has their names and records their acts in His relm, and they will be rewarded for their obedience and their servitude.
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The only one that comes to mind is the Book of Mary Magdalen but the church has edited it from the new testament for some reason and basically all mention of her...  ...not sure why?. You would have to go to the Vatican for that book I'm sure it's laying around there some where
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Miriam Exodus 15:20; Deborah Judges 4:4; Huldah 2Kings 22:14; Noadiah Nehemiah 6:14; Anna Luke 2:36; Daughters of Phillip Acts 21:9

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