Who Is Saint Samantha?


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There is no evidence to suggest a 'Saint Samantha' ever existed, although there was a woman named Saint Samthann, whose name often gets mistaken for Samantha.

According to one source I found, the name Samthann was probably an early female derivative of Samuel.

Is there a Saint Samantha? The answer to this question is both yes and no.

The name Samthann was shared by a saint, and as a derivative of Samuel, is probably the equivalent of Samantha.

There is no record of a person being sainted under the name Samantha specifically though.

Who is Saint Samthann?
Saint Samthann was a Celtic saint. She was a nun in Ireland during the 8th century, and lived in the monastery of Clonbroney - which is why she is commonly known as Samthann of Clonbroney.

Samthann originally lived and worshiped at a different monastery in Urney, but inherited the monastery when the original Abbess had a prophetic vision of Samthann.

One of the more interesting stories regarding Saint Samthann is 'The Tale of the Giant Eel'.

According to the legend, a horny monk visited the monastery and attempted to seduce one of the virgin girls living there.

He even managed to arrange a date with her at a nearby location.

But when the monk crossed the river to meet the girl, a giant eel rose from the water and bit his genitals.

The creature refused to let go until the monk begged forgiveness from Saint Samthann.
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She is a Celtic Saint. Her real name is Samthann of Clonbroney. She was good and loyal to God and she died because of her Faith.

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