How Many Timers Is Tithing Mentioned In The Bible?


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According to the Dake's annotated reference Bible, The words tithe meaning a tenth is mentioned 14 times. To support the priests and the Levites Lev. 27: 30-32..1Cor 9: 7-14.. Tithes, plural mentioned 23 times the first paying of Gen.14: 20..Belong to God. Num.18: 24..Heb.7: 5-9... Promised to God by Jacob. Gen.28: 22... Will a nan rob God? Mal.3: 8-10.. Should we pay tithes? Hev.7: 5-9 Abraham paid tithes to the order of Melchisedic God required tithing under this priesthood we are Abraham natural and spiritual seed. Christ became a High Priest after this order through what He did on the cross, we continue to tithe into Christ's eternal Priesthood, everything we still have belongs to God and we honor Him and Christ as our high eternal Priest with the first fruits of all He gives to us! Tithing is mentioned 2 times...Genaveve

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