Is Cleopatra Mentioned In The Bible?


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I don't think she is. Agustus Ceaser was mentioned there in the new testament.
Wasn't Julius Ceaser in Cleopatra's time?
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Try looking in the book of Daniel. I believe there is a vague reference to her in daniel 11:17. At first it doesn't seem like much unless you read Daniel 11 in historical context. A good resource might be a website that I found helpful:( ). The first 32 verses follow known historical facts quite well. There is much discussion regarding the timeframe from Daniel 11:33 on, however. Personally I think that it was/is intended to be a description of future characters and events yet to hit the world scene.
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No she isn't.
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What bible book , chapter, and verse is Cleopatra mentioned in.?
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Cleopatra or in full Cleopatra VII Thea Philopator Egyptian queen, born 69 BC died August 30, 30 BC, Alexandria. She was the lover of Julius Caesar and later the wife of Mark Antony. Cleopatra, with all her subtlety, all her political foresight, had backed two losers, first Caesar and then Antony. Cleopatra tried again to captivate the leading Roman, Octavian. She used all her arts; she failed and she killed herself.

Cleopatra is not mentioned in the Bible. Julius Caesar too is not mentioned in the Bible. Julius Caesar was the General of the Roman's army. The Bible mentioned Augustus Caesar, the first king of the Roman Empire who gave the decree for the census during the time of the birth of Jesus Christ.
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