What Do Sikh Women Wear?


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The traditional dress for Sikh women is a Salwar( a trouser-like garment for the legs) and a Kameez( a tunic). With this, they also carry a Dupatta or Chunni ( a scarf) to cover their heads, although this is not necessary at all times. It is mainly in the Gurdwara( the sikh temple) or when meditating or reading religious scriptures. However, in accordance to the Sikh faith that you should think of God at all times, some Sikhs prefer to wear a headscarf at all times in order to show respect to God.
However, this should not be confused with certain factions of Islam where a woman's whole body should be covered. Sikh woman do not have a strict dress code and they are free to wear what they like. However, when going to a sikh temple, it is highly recommended to cover your legs.

Since sikhs are not supposed to cut their hair ( with the belief that we should accept ourselves the way God made it) and therefore they tend to keep their hair long.
However, in many western countries, sikhs tend to cut their hair, so as not to look different from the crowd.

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