What Do The Sikhs Eat?


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Sikhs usually eat Roti or Phulka and Paratha (South Asian Wheat bread), Vegetables of all kinds and Pulses,

Yogurt, Cheese cubes and Sweets. However their beliefs towards meat differs, Some Sikhs eat all kinds of meat, Some say that only meat is not allowed others think that  meat is not allowed for sikhs. Sikhs are forbidden to drink alcohol. And Sikhs also do not prefer Halal(Muslim's dietary laws) and Kosher
(Jews' dietary Laws).

Visit: Sikh's Foods.
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Most Sikhs are vegans.
Some do eat meat but most don't.
They love to eat indian food.
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No Sikhs are NOT Vegans. Most Sikhs eat meat.
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Racism, also mandy likes men on toast with poo. :D =8


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