How Do I Know If Someone Doing Voodoo On Me?


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If you feel it than it is happening. You need to find dry sage, burn it and put out the fire, use the smoke. Go to your windows and doors, in your room and under your bed with it. Let the smoke be a cleaner for your home and your self. If you can find one get a rainbow candle and lit it. This stops the bad someone is doing to you. Also put a clear glass of water under your bed. Remember evil will win If you let it! Ask for more help I will be glad to help you.
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There really is no such thing as voodoo, it's said that it's mind over matter, if you believe in it, then it will happen to you, but if you don't then it won't. I have seen that many times before, and they were never affected by the voodoo. Hope this helps, good luck to you.
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But once you believe and know it to be real.. You can't just say you don't believe in it.. It's already put in to the mind. That really is hoodoo, not voodoo.
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Voodoo's not real...

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Voodoo does not exist.
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Lol voodoo spells? They are not real some one said they will do it to me when I day dream but lol I did but nothing happend
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Or is it because i all most got a lot of voodoos-? Or something
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People say voodoo spell controlls your mind so u thing bad things and feel scarid and later becoome sick thats what people say voodoo does if u belive it so dont belive it and nothing bad happens

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