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Tipu Sultan, famously known as the Tiger of Mysore was in de-facto the Sultan of the Kingdom of Mysore. Born as a leader, Tipu was a soldier who fought like a tiger and died like a Lion. A Muslim by birth, Tipu sultan has been regarded as one without whom the inspiration for the independence by the Muslims in the 19th century would have ever come. Allama Iqbal (The national poet of Pakistan) has used Tipu in his poems to show the hunger and zeal for independence.

The man, who was behind the defeats of British in the Mysore war was the bravest men his father's (Haider Ali) army. The British who considered themselves as unbeatable were over thrown by the strategies of the Tipu. Tipu Sultan Reign is considered to have been the innovator of the first war rocket. Such Rockets have been put into public displays in Museum today. Notable authors have written about the importance that Tipu gave to the innovations. An example of such could be seen in his palace where various kinds of artillery were present, some of which even the British army didn't not posses.

Tipu sultan finally lost to the British due to the traitor of his own men and died during the war in 1799. His most famous quote "It is far better to live like a lion for a day than to live like a jackal for a hundred years" is considered by many the exact character of Tipu and reflect the personality of one of the greatest Human beings to have ever lived.
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Tippu Sultan (Sultan Fateh Ali Tippu), also branded as the Tiger of Mysore. It is said that Tippu Sultan was hunting in the forest with a ally. He came face to facade with a tiger. Tippu Sultan was a cultured man and an able soldier. He was born at Devanahalli, in contemporary Kolar District. He was untaught on Nov 10, 1750. Tippu Sultan faced meticulous evils in establishing the legitimacy of his rule, and in reconciling desire to be seen as an Islamic ruler with the need to be pragmatic to avoid antagonizing the preponderance of subjects.

He was a great conqueror and he never surrendered. He used to say that one day life of tiger is better than 100 years life of jackal. This is why he was a successful and brave warrior. Tippu Sultan's relatives were sent to Calcutta by the British. Noor Inayat Khan was be one of Tippu Sultan's offspring who died in France under German. Hope this much detail must be sufficient to clarify Tipu Sultan.
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Tippu sultan known as tiger of mysore . but it's painful to say some present day communities tried their level best to call him as a fundamental if so,
his excellency gave the modern world rocket technology of missile , in Nasa America they call tippu sultan as father of rocket technology but it's pitty to bangaloreins and indians the most learned pupils don't understand why our own people never researched the work that he left out. to make our nation pride by inventing his ideas
instead they tried to label him as fundamentalist.
when tippu sultant tried to unite all neighbouring kings to fight against English rulers
they had their own reasons not join his ambitions for freedom struggle.still if a proper
search conducted hope many facts may come to truth.
nowadays people of our own country try to get publicity use cheap ways to achieve
their personal goals. hope all learned people understand the truth of a great freedom
fighter lastly i wish to tell he is

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