Is converting to Islam worth getting disowned?


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All religions are equally nonsensical, but a *true* Christian would still love you whatever your religion.
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No. Be faithful to what you are, not to passing fancies. Any differences betwen those religions, including Judaism, are simply matters of degree. Christianity is a bit more difficult to understand, but carries many merit worthy concepts. Perhaps one day there will be a merger of sorts.
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So you really only wanted a reinforcement and validation, but not honest, non-solicitous answer? I simply tried giving an informed, seasoned answer. Your responses seem to suggest you are uncertain and yet combative at the same time. My response was not derived from any religious indoctrination, but that is not to say that I do not know more of Christianity than most professing that faith, or more of Islam than some professing that faith. You could also throw in experience and knowledge of . . .
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. . .human nature as factors guiding my response. Looking at an alternative religion for a few years is all well and good, but by your own words about your parents, your fundamental affiliation and tutelage has not been with Islam. Argue all you want, the fact that you are an insider as regards Christianity and will be an outsider as regards a conversion to Islam, are considerations worthy of taking into account. It it is true however (you did not say) that you have become uncomfortable with . .
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... Or even disillusioned with or contemptuous of your home tradition, then be all means explore other religions, or no religion. A wise course might be to participate in the customary traditions and rites of alternative religions for a time to see if that's where you fit in. If you are welcome without coercion, fine. If you do decide to forswear your own culture, do not be surprised that your parents become upset, and rightfully so. With time they might come to accept, but the way things are?
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If your parents are both Christian then Christian is the right way to go. Christ is the only God who was ever resurrected with witnesses, the only one who died for you, was crucified for you and went to hell for you. He will be back to judge the living and the dead. Do not gamble with your soul. No one else can say they were resurrected - not mohammed, not buddha, not shiva, etc. No other person can claim that. Turn back to God. You are in for a grave disappointment. Dont do it. Jesus says I am the way the truth and the life, no man can come to the father but by me. He also says there is no other name under which man can be saved except by Jesus. I have been before him due to near death experiences: My heart, blood pressure, loss of blood during birth...He is real and powerful. Dont turn away from God.
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Converting from following one farce to another isn't worth anything.
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For the first part of your question i would say all religions are equal, and for the second one disowning in the name of religion is not fair.

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