What Is My Lucky Day For Gambling?


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Robin Burden answered
To work out your lucky day for gambling, you'll need a little bit of perseverance.

Although it might sound like a lot of baloney to most people, I'm a big believer in cosmic messages.

I also honestly believe that all things in this world are interconnected - if you just look deeper into things, there's always a pattern in every system.

Feeling lucky today? If you're trying to work out your lucky gambling day, there are two things you can do:

Firstly, look out for numerical signs. The universe is constantly sending us messages during our daily life, but - as we aren't 'looking' for them - we often miss them!

Anything from the number of buses that pass you on the street through to the ticket number you get when you're in a queue at the deli can give you an indication of your lucky day.

How to find your lucky gambling day
The second, and probably more important thing to do, is to collect data about your betting patterns.

It might not be as simple as checking which day you win the most money on (often, a lucky day comes once every 3 or 4 months), but if you persevere and analyse enough data - I can 100% guarantee that a pattern will start to emerge.

Once you think you've worked out your lucky day - put it to the test. Try out a few 'safe bets' at first, and if the universe is giving you the green light, then ride that wave!

As with any gambling tactic - the trick is also to know when to draw the line. The best gamblers are using a combination of luck and brains, so to be truly successful, you'll need to use a bit of both too!
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Ryan Johnson answered

No such thing. It's all about understanding math and having a level head.

Read up about odds:

Understand how the game software developers work.

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Nathan Lane answered

A level head is important, like Ryan above stated. And the odds won't be in your favour but it's all good fun. Hit the slots, try your luck at roulette and enjoy yourself. There's plenty of online options if you don't want to go and visit a casino.

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Nobody knows better than you. I am sure you MUST feel it, you must feel when fortune put her hand on your shoulder. Every time I have this magic feeling I just go to play GmblSites , or buy a lottery ticket, or go to casino.

Good luck!

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When it comes to dice gamble, I am always lucky enough to win more than I lose. Don't really know why is that happening but I am totally satisfied with the situation and I hope that it won't change.

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