How Much I Am Lucky Tomorrow?

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Luck is something that cannot be measured, though people who do horoscopes usually try.

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Luck is not something to measure and there is a hefty debate as to whether luck actually exists. Some people say they are lucky if a parking spot is open when they get to a store or if something happens that is really good. If you decide that you believe in luck then you have to determine by what parameters you believe in this luck. Are you talking about luck in terms of gambling? If this is the case then you may want to determine if you feel lucky enough to gamble with hard earned money. Often those who believe in luck and gambling lose a lot of money and win some too.

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Given that this site is a question and answer site, we try to do our best to answer questions with as much information as we can. Unfortunately, we cannot answer how much luck you will have. A better suggestion to get an answer to this question would be to seek a site that offers horoscopes. On this type of site you can rate your luck and what might happen to you on the next day. There are daily horoscopes. Some sites will most definitely provide you with a luck rating and even a love rating. Such options can provide you with plenty of ways to find how lucky you might be on the following day.

Though we do not have something such as this you can certainly find it on sites such as Yahoo, Google, and Facebook. These sites have plenty of horoscope and other programs that might determine your luck. You may also try a couple of Asian remedies to increase your luck, such as keeping the right number of bamboo for luck or lighting the proper candles.
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I absolutely agree, one can't predict his good or bad luck, that is the sense of fortune, it is UNPREDICTABLE. That's why some people love gambling games, mr bet , lotteries and slot machines - because you never know what waits on you the next second.

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Luck has nothing to do. You are the product of cause and effect. In other words you're living miracle in every breath you take.

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