What Is The Lucky Stone Of Leo?


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Leo has three lucky stones; diamond, quartz and tiger's eye.

The three lucky stones for Leo.
  • Diamond: This gemstone symbolises innocence, peace and fidelity. When a diamond is worn as a piece of jewellery, it works to prevent nightmares, brings confidence, balances energies and gives the wearer divine wisdom. This stone should only be gifted to the Leo and not purchased, and losing a diamond is extremely unlucky!

  • Quartz: This stone is the gift of love. It is also the stone of power and provides the owner with energy and acute awareness. It's a symbol of love and warmth and it may be handy to keep one close to you at work or around some negative people! Quartz is great for your sex life, too - it should bring love; ease emotional and sexual stress, and make your time spent between the sheets that little bit more sensual.

  • Tiger's eye: This stone is great tool to increase your concentration and willpower. It can also be used as a good luck charm for the Leo. Its true power is hinted at in the name: The Tiger's eye increases our perception of the world, letting us understand forces and energies that we might not have even noticed before. This stone is a good luck charm, so you'd better check your lottery numbers, Leos!

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