Compare The Achievements Of Shah WaliUllah And Syed Ahmad In The Movement Of Islamic Reform.


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Shah WaliUllah and Syed Ahmad were important figures who made efforts for the revival of Islam in the subcontinent. Both had large number of followers. Shah WaliUllah lived in the 18th century while Syed Ahmad worked during the early 19th century.

Shah WaliUllah's main efforts and emphasis was on spreading and preaching true Islam. He taught and preached in his father's madarasa where he made a bunch of followers who also preached his message. Shah WaliUllah wanted to rid the Muslim society of un-Islamic ideas and practices which had crept in them. Shah WaliUllah was a great scholar who finished many tasks like that of writing Holy Quran in the literary language of that time, Persian, and that of writing 51 books, 28 in Persian and the rest in Urdu.

The same was the efforts of Syed Ahmad. He also wished that the Muslims come to true Islam and give up superstitious ideas and un-Islamic ways and practices. Syed Ahmad was not a scholar nor did he wrote a number of books, letters and essays like Shah WaliUllah, but he took some necessary practical steps to create and environment where Islamic ideas, practices and ways of living should prevail.

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