What Are The Central Beliefs Of Islam, And How Are They Reflected In The "Five Pillars?"


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Beliefs of Islam and the Five Pillars
By sarah ganly

The central beliefs of Islam are complete faith in the power of God. God and people are one and unified. An Islamic belief is that Islam includes all religions and honors all prophets. Muslims believe that god is all knowing and to know what god knows is to leave in peace and happiness. Islamic people also believe in angels and saints. One Islamic belief is the last judgement, which is when all the people of the world will be judged and the world will end.
These beliefs of Islam are reflected in the "Five Pillars" by many ways. The first pillar is the practice of professing faith in the unity of one god and the prophet Muhammad which directly reflects the beliefs of Islam.. The second pillar is a continual prayer session that happens daily. These prayer sessions illustrate the desire to learn the ways of God. The fourth pillar reflects the central beliefs of Islam because the fourth pillar is fasting. Fasting is used to achieve purity and a clear mind. This is an example of how Muslims can learn to be like God. The fifth pillar also illustrates this central Islamic belief because Muslims have to pilgrimage to Mecca once in their lifetime in order to get closer to God.
I think the easiest pillar to fulfill to me would be the third, which happens at the end of the year. When the end of the year comes Muslims give 2 and a half percent of their accumulated wealth to other Muslims in need. I feel like this is a beautiful thing and I support it. I try to give to the needy all ready so I feel this is a good practice. I think the most challenging pillar to fulfill would be the second pillar because it would be difficult for me to pray five times a day. I would not like to kneel, and I am very forgetful. I guess if I was around other people who were also Islamic it would be easier because it would be more accepted. I just don't know if I could stop in the middle of waiting on tables and pray, although I do find it respectable. The Islam religion is very interesting overall, and I find some of their beliefs an excellent source of philosophy and thought.
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This is an excellent answer.
Plus that Islam is based on peace.
The word Islam means peace.
And first thing that Muslim says when they meet someone is Salam Alikom wa rahmat allah wa barakatoh which means peace be on you and gods mercy and blessing.
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The five pillars of Islam are Shahadat which is belief and faith. You have to believe that there is no God but Allah and Muhammad salalahualaihiwasalam.
Salah which is daily five times prayer.
Zakat is giving to charity and the poor needy people.
Sawm means fasting the month of ramadan from dawn to sunset.
Hajj is pilgrimage visiting to the city of Makkah, Allah's house.
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Central believes are
1; Allah is one.
2: Hazrat Mohammad (P.B.you.H) is last prophet of Allah.
3:Quran is Holly book. We read and follow it.
4:Muslims offer their prayers five time a day.
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Yes, the "Five Pillars" are the central beliefs, so there is no difference. In case you want to remember these five basic beliefs, they are listed here.
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Islam was revealed to us muslims through Hazrat Muhammad PBUH, who is the final and the last of all prophets. The Qur'an was also revealed for us (Muhammad PBUH's ummah) from Allah through Hazrat Jibraeel (Gabriel) to Hazrat Muhammad PBUH. 5 pillars of Islam were also given to the muslim ummah to use as the foundations of our life. They are as follows:
1. Kalima Tayyabah which in english translation means that "there is none worthy of worship besides Allah and Muhammad PBUH is Allah's messenger".
2. Salaah (Namaaz) this is a prayer which muslims pray 5 times a day.
3. Zakaat this act has to be carried out every year and is when a small percentage of the yearly earning are given to other muslims who need help and are poor. Terms and Conditions apply.
4. Saum (fastings) this is when muslims fast in the month of ramadhan. It is done by having to stop eating from early dawn upto sunset for the whole month.
5. Hajj this is the religious pilgrimage, to the cities of Saudi Arabia, which must be carried out by every single muslims at least once in their lifetime, who can afford the trip there and back, is sane, healthy etc.
All these 5 pillars must completed by every muslim
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1. The belief in Allah2. The belief in his angels3. The belief in his books, the Quran, the Torah, the Bible4. The belief in his prophets, Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) Jesus, Moses...etc
5. Belief in the here after.6. The belief in Faith
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The religion of Islam was founded by the prophet Muhammad in the seventh century AD its teachings and beliefs are mainly based on the Qur'an the holy text of the religion. The followers of Islam are known as Muslims and are required to follow certain rules and adhere to the teachings and beliefs of Islam as prescribed by the Prophet. The central beliefs of Islam are based on the five fundamental practices they are as follows.

Shahadah or statement of faith in God, Allah and the Prophet Salat or performing prayers (Namaz) five times in the day Zakat or the giving of alms to help the poor and downtrodden Sawm or fasting especially in the holy month of Ramadan to purify the body as well as to progress in the path to know God and Hajj or pilgrimage to the holy places of Mecca and Medina at least once in the lifetime.

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