Super Station Plays An Important Part In Life, Why?


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The role of superstition in our lives has always been underestimated; to be superstitious has been declared a negative quality with all its facts and effects. But I think the superstitions have not been as negative as they are posed now. They have been supporting and encouraging the people in very hopeless and difficult situations. It is no sad that we are not inventing new superstitions.

The man of this age otherwise would not have been so hopeless and desperate. There are hundreds of problems we have no solution of. If they had been in past the people of those times must have invented some superstitions to come out of these problems at least to the level of self deception.

In past, the superstitions played two great roles in the lives of people. First they provide them support and hope in so many difficulties they were unable to come out of. Second they provided them a great deal of fun and pleasure. The people in past had invented superstitions about nearly all aspects of social, religious, personal and domestic life. They had super stations about nearly all activities ranging from sensitive to emotional and intellectual to philosophical. They had superstitions about all customs and all rites. Most of the customs and rites were even superstitious in nature.

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