Why Does Religion Play An Important Role In A Human Life? Cant One Do Without It?


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My opinion, whether it counts or not is, the God who made us all, he is in control of us and our lives, even tho, he has given us the ability to know right from wrong, and leaves it up to us to do what we do...with out a God like this, we would be in a world of danger and there would not never be no peace in our lives at all...even tho the world does not believe God loves us sometimes.....he is the one who gives us breath each day.....
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A famous quote says: "one who have no one with/for him still has his/her god with him/her"
god is the one whom we look for in our most desperate & hopeless situations,
god is the one whom we look for when no one trustworthy remains with us,
god is the one whom we look when we are In most lonely situation,
& so much more...
That is why people don't care for themselves when it comes to serving their god.
This shows religion's important & the potential it gives its follower!
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Because it is the only thing who says for love, humanity,brotherhood, faith, forgiveness, Kindness, abstaining from bad works....etc.  And as a result of which many people do not dare to do bad works  which Science can't.
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The flip side, science, is also embraced by some with religious fervor. Witness the cult-like status of global warming theory. Challenge it and you are outcast. Bottom line is that faith, in religion or in science, is integral to the human psyche. Both are important and quite similar.
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Religion plays an important role in our lives because it encourages and helps us to serve God and it helps us to gain God's mercy for which every muslims aims and hopes to get in his upcoming life.
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Forget religion it was man made and it has caused many problems throughout the world. Instead have a relationship with Christ, God is coming soon read matthew 24, the signs of the end of the age, Christ is coming soon.

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