Is There A Superstition Or Meaning Behind Seeing A White Rabbit In The Wild?


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There is a significance and meaning behind seeing a white rabbit anywhere. They are portents of the possibility of spiritual enlightenment and/or an encounter with the Divine.
White rabbits seem to be metaphors that signify an invitation to step out of ordinary time. You have been chosen; it is not necessary to know or to ponder why. They call us out from our ordinary life to go on an extraordinary journey which will lead us to an experience which will transform us in some very significant way.
The white rabbit is an invitation. It never coerces but gently compels us to let go of what we think is important to explore what is of ultimate importance. It is an invitation to enter into the realm of the real, hidden, intuitive, unconscious world that exists underneath what appears to be reality. The unlikely pilgrim will be taken to places that s/he never dreamed possible and the passage will cost more than what most are willing to freely give.
If you happen upon a white rabbit, remain awake and alert to the direction you must go and be ready to let go of everything you believed was important. can continue what you were doing and ignore the invitaiton. The choice is entirely up to you.
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Madison xaniomadison
yes i believe this comment-speaks for me personally,i am an odditty of nature to start with,i don't fit in with others,and while walking to work(i do everyday) there was this white albino rabbit sitting in the tall grass where i pass by everyday-and have never seen any animals ...every once in awhile? maybe a stray dog,but that's it! and so i've been looking for the significance of seeing this rabbit((since not anythng like has ever appeared to me b4?))-and the unlikely pilgrim?? that deff fits me to a tee!-thanks alot for your posting!:-)
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Some breeds of rabbits change their color in the winter. But I don't no a wild rabbit that does that.
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I woke this morning, being the 1st of the month, and said "White Rabbits" for luck, and on opening the bedroom curtains I saw in my rear garden two beautiful white rabbits.  I feel it is a good omen (although I do hope they found their way home again safely).

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