What Is The Origin Of The Superstition About A Lucky Rabbit's Foot?


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The practice of carrying a lucky rabbit’s foot dates back to about 600 BC making it one of the oldest traditions.  This superstition was prevalent in the southern United States particularly among African Americans and so may well have arrived in the USA with African slaves.
Many cultures have believed rabbits and hares to be symbols of fertility and abundance.  Rabbits tend to be particularly active in spring which is a hopeful time of year when life seems to be bursting with renewal.  They also reproduce easily and in great numbers.

Rabbits were considered sacred prior to 600 BC because of a belief that spirits inhabited the bodies of animals.  European Celts also held this belief and thought that the amount of time rabbits spent underground indicated they were inhabited by underground spirits.  A number of cultures have been known to use a rabbit’s foot in herbalism and folk magic. As rabbits are considered lucky in so many areas, particularly those that once did or currently practice animism, the foot is the easiest way to keep this lucky creature with you at all times.

Also, when a rabbit runs it’s back feet touch the ground before their forefeet and so many people believe this makes their back feet lucky.
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What does it mean when you find on the ground a rabbit's foot with a another charm attached with it says bingo

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