The Greek Philosophers Believed In Four Basic "Elements" , Which Of The Following Was NOT Specifically Identified As One Of These ?below


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The fourth element, is air, not metal. In Greek philosophy, science, and medicine all things that existed consisted of these four elements. These ideas existed in the Far East (China, mIndia, etc.) long before the Greeks adopted them. They were also accepted as fact through the Middle Ages and into the Renaissance.
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Metal is not 1 of the 4 basic "elements" metal is take place of air.
Then we discovered that that those "basic elements" were not elements
at all. There is about 118 elements. Water is made up of 2 elements
and has 3 parts. Air has Many elements in it,like nitrogen, radon, and
oxygen.The "element" earth is made up of many things like carbon,radium,and iron.
Before you think steel is in earth, steel is made of iron and coal. Fire is it's own thing
but not a element.

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