What Is The Best Religion?


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I don't think that there is any religion that is absolutely correct. The main basis for all of them is Jesus and God. I feel if you believe in God and the sacrifice of his only begotten son Jesus and that Jesus gave his life for us and for the love of the father and also of Gods unconditional love for man kind, then that is your answer. Don't you think that is all that matters? Religion is over rated in my opinion. I feel its about spirituality and a personal relationship with out creator. The Bible is the source of answers to all your questions. I suggest daily reading in it. It is the most interesting and most precious piece of literature EVER written. There you will find your answer. I would not go to a church that did not teach out of the Bible. SOME churches these days will give you extra material that is not even mentioned in the great book of life, which is called the Bible. You can not add or take away from the words in that book. It says so itself. Pray and ask God where he wants you to worship and learn and grow. He will show you but you must listen.. God Bless you in your search for truth!!
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Dr. Ergun Caner: My father was the one who would do the
call to prayer. In a mosque the only person who has a title is the
imam. My father was very active and helped found the mosque in
Columbus, Ohio, after we came to America.  Pat Robertson: What happened to you? You were brought up as a good Muslim boy. What happened?
Ergun Caner: I was the equivalent of a preacher’s kid, if you can
imagine, and then I came to the point where I was invited to church by
a friend who didn't care how I dressed or what I looked like. I found
the Lord on a Thursday and went back to the mosque on Friday assuming
they wanted to hear about this grace that I had received from Christ.
That was not the case.  Pat Robertson: What did they do to you?  Ergun Caner: They beat me up.  Pat Robertson: When you say beat you up, what does that mean?  Ergun Caner: Exactly what it sounds like.  Pat Robertson: With fists or clubs?  Ergun Caner: With fists.  Pat Robertson: Who did this, the leadership or your fellow employees?  Ergun Caner: The ones who were in the youth jihad.  Pat Robertson: Really? That drove you closer to the Lord, I guess, didn't it?
Ergun Caner: What's wonderful is that day my father disowned me, but
both of my brothers accepted Christ. My younger brother teaches at a
seminary, I teach at a Christian College, my middle brother is a strong
Christian and a member of a church, our mother accepted the Lord and is
married to a church planter, and my grandmother accepted the Lord right
before she died.  Pat Robertson: The president of the United
States has said over and over again that Islam is a religion of peace,
but these terrorists are an aberration. Tell us about that.
Ergun Caner: I have heard it over and over, as have you, 'How can they
do this? Islam is just a religion of peace.' We are taught jihad from
our youth. We are taught jihad in the hadith and the Koran from our
youth. As a matter of fact, I am under the sentence of death, as is any
Muslim who finds Christ, because the Koran says and the hadith teaches
that anyone who changes his Islamic religion must be killed.  Pat Robertson: Just like that?
Ergun Caner: Hadith 957. It is one thing to say that they don't accept
jihad. They can say that. They can be the equivalent of liberal
Muslims, if they wish. But it is another thing to say that the Koran
and Muhammad and the hadith does not teach it, because we are taught to
convert or to conquer.  Pat Robertson: Jihad is explained as resist evil.  Ergun Caner: No.  Pat Robertson: You say not true.
Ergun Caner: Muhammad's last words were 'Push the infidels out of the
Arabian Peninsula.' Those were the last words that he said. Anyone who
does not worship Allah in the last day, it will not be accepted of him,
paradise is under the shades of the sword -- these are the teachings of
the Koran. The promise of forgiveness for men like Muhammad Atta was
that you would be translated to paradise if you died in Allah’s cause.
Pat Robertson: Why don't Americans know this? Why doesn't our president
know this? He has advisors. Surely someone up there has read the Koran.
Ergun Caner: I wish he had more contact with you, Dr. Robertson.  Pat Robertson: Regrettably he doesn't.
Ergun Caner: Last week while you were in China, he sat at a Ramadan
iftaar, the meal that they have after they break the fast at night.
This is the Muslim equivalent of a closed communion. Anyone who sits at
that table has to pledge allegiance to the Muslim faith. Thus, at that
meal, our president professed Allah.  Pat Robertson: Did he know he was doing that?  Ergun Caner: I do not know.  Pat Robertson: Everybody says Allah and God are the same.
Ergun Caner: I consider it the Oprah-ization of our culture. You know
the national cathedral and the prayer service at the stadium and they
said, 'I pray in the name of Allah and Jehovah and Jesus.' It was
offensive to me as a Muslim to say that Allah and Jehovah are the same.
It is blasphemous to us as Christians. It is not an issue of semantics.
Allah has no son. The Koran teaches that. There is no way an
intellectual and honest Muslim would ever say that they are the same.

Ergun Caner: For me, the most liberating thing was hearing about grace,
not the fear of the scales. You have to earn a hearing with a Muslim.
But hearing that Jesus Christ not only died for me but that He did for
me what I couldn't do for myself and promised to give me peace was
huge.  Internet Question: Does the Koran contradict itself in the area of violence to other human beings?
Ergun Caner: It doesn't contradict itself. Islam at its core is a
religion of warfare. Muhammad was a warrior. We are taught to conquer.
We are taught to fight. If anyone says in the media that Islam is a
religion of peace, they either don't know their faith, don’t know the
Koran, or they are lying.
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Religion is something you practice but Christianity is a more of a heart and a mind change.It's a way of life that reflects Christ in the inner man.Many people practice religion almost like they are trying to work or gain it by they're own merits.But Living as a Christian is different then that.Because Jesus died to give us life which is a gift something that you can't work for.God love is a gift it's unconditional you don't have to do anything to gain Jesus Love it already belongs to you, you just have to be willing to except it as a gift.So living according to to what the Lord says in his word is not Religion But it is a life Style Meaning Whatever the word Of God says in the Bible I agree with him and live accordingly.Hope this answer your question.japeace   
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The best religion is a religion that doesn't bring wars.good luck.2 me .its finding that inner piece inside of u to live a healthy life.work,take care of your family,respect others.don't fight.don't steal.find who you are.rid the negatives and the negative people from your life.be kind 2 yourself and serenity follows.religions to me is too many beliefs too many people looking 4 someone else 2 help you find answers.findGOD on your own.
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I will be praying for you and your family and hoping at the same time you will choose Jesus Because he is the way the truth and the Life.read John3:16 you will see for your self and as you said let God guide your heart.there are many voices in this world just as there are many gods But the one and true God Is Jesus Lord of all no matter who choose what still Jesus Is the only way the true.In him I have found an awesome peace in times of troubles sickness death and pain and he has been there to comfort me and my kids through a tornado when we were the only ones in the house and what I say to you is true.Thanks for answering back and rating my answer.The true will always stir up a war because most does not like the true even my savior Jesus where ever he went preaching the was always opposition because the truth convicts there a way that seems right to a man but the end is destruction.Jesus brings peace and the Devil brings confusion where there is truth then the Devil is there to oppose it.japeace
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There is no "best" religion for everyone. To say that would be foolish at best. For me, the only thing that makes sense, the only rational choice, is pantheism.
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The best religion......that's a short ambiguous question with only one true answer. As stated many times on here, Jesus Christ is the only true way. Christianity has many branch's and belief systems. As long as the church you choose believes that Jesus is the Son of God, who died a horrible death, so that humans can have salvation, then that church is right. If you go to a church and it doesn't feel right, go to another. When you find one that just "feels" right, that's the one for you. Different preachers will reach different people, you have to find one that speaks to you.

Many believe, as do i, that we are in the End Days. If you read Revelations, you will see that too. Everybody's ticket to Heaven has already been bought and payed for. The blood of Jesus bought you that ticket. All you have to do is accept Jesus Christ and repent of your sins, boom, your ticket gets punched.

You cannot choose to be Jewish. The Jewish people are a race. They are also the apple of Gods eye, His chosen people. As Christians, you are to love and bless the Jewish people, they are our brothers.

And to the islam crowd, you are loved to. But I'm sorry, Allah is not God. I don't know much about your religion, nor do i want to. I do understand that you hate Christians and you will one day kill all those who don't convert to your religion. It is better to die a thousand deaths here on earth, than to spend eternity in torturous hell for denying Christ. I for one will never deny Christ. I can only pray that other Christians can say the same.

P.s. The person posting this question is no longer on blurtit.

P.s.s. FYI one quarter of the worlds entire population is muslim.....food for thought. I hope the winds of change doesn't blow towards that.
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Christianity is the only religion for me. I will have to agree with Hisdimple in that any religion which puts a woman in a lesser place than man has no business existing.
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HI dear

chosing a relegion is your on thought. Don't ever make a choice in a hurry that you will find yourself nowhere in that field.

Relegion means a faith or to obey the law and the rules and regulation implemented by a supreme power "A POWER THAT CREATS US, CREATE EACH AND EVERY SPECIE IN UNIVERSE" each and every relegion's basic teaching pose the same path by commanding the human to perform the duties regularly they have given.

But their is only one relegion left with its all beauties and neccesities that a human posses in world for its benefits, and it is ISLAM . Islam is not only a relegion my dear. It is "A COMPLETE CODE OF LIFE" you can have an answer and implementation of simplest question asked about anything your mind about. If you like to explore it you must go to the site i m just recommending you to visit thoughroly please ...please do it for once you will find each and every thing from their. And that site is

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No not my Taste.What do you do when troubles come?My faith is in Jesus Christ He is a leader and a guide to all truth.Jesus lives in the hearts of each believer He died to give life to all those that will except him he is real all so real he created you your eyes your lips even complete down to the life that you have.you only exists because of Jesus and there is none other except him and only him.Check out the Bible John 3:16 Jesus is God the one and only true God.
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Jesus does not impose any duties all he ask is that you believe in him and only him and because of your exceptous then by his spirit leading and guiding you you will be able to love those that hate you,those that falsely accuse you.you will be able to live life in an awesome way because he will give you the comfortner which is his spirit telling,and teaching you the truth and showing all things to come.And these are facts not base upon man and his version but is base upon the Creator of all Life and Beauty and Quality and His name is Jesus the author and finisher Of My Faith this is not a code this Love from the heart from Jesus to all those that will trust and believe that he is Lord and that every Knee shall bow And every tongue shall confess that Jesus is Lord over all there no other way but only through Jesus and only Jesus. Japeace
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I am asking you the same question what do you do when problems comes? Hannnnnnn my dear if the JESUS the great Massenger of Almighty comes to your help ? No no my dear nobody have like human ever comes to your help in any danger if there is no GOD's will. If you believe that JESUS is the god? Then tell me who creats the mighty universe? JESUS wa the Massenger we believe in HIM. HIs teachings But those He possessed not those that were and ammended by others.
We the muslims love and have great faith on JESUS but only because He was the massenger of Almighty ALLAH, Not more than that .He can't brings any benefit to human beings or any other specie without the will of Almighty ALLAH. Please do check the sites that I have told you about you will get complete answers about you ambiguities my brother.

Good luck and have a prosperous life
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I've looked at all the answers here. I notice the only ones heralding the islam religion are men. No wonder. Any religion that condones the subjectation of women should be banned. Thank my God for the invention of youtube.
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God had a purpose in creating women, and it wasn't to be a punching bag, nor to only see her eyes, due to the berka.
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Islam.  It is the only religion that god wants people to follow.  And it is the only way to get into heaven.  You can be a total saint on earth but if you are not muslim, then you have wasted your time and efforts.  My answer is very clear and if it offends, that is not the intention.  The intention is to open peoples eyes and brains.
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Whatever religion makes you a good person and makes you happy. Read about different religions over the globe (there are many), and whichever makes you feel like it really expresses what you believe is moral, and represents your philosophy of the world, and you feel it embraces what you think is *right* to do, then choose that religion.
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I Believe That Religion Is Different For Everyone.
Whatever Gets You Through The Day, Through The Bad Weather and Twits and Turns Life Brings You, Is OK By Me.
Personally, I Think We're All Given a Set Path Of Our Own.
I Can't Say We Can Do Whatever We Please Though.

I'm A Goddess Worshipper.
It's The Best Decision I've Ever Made.
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Most religions are actively bad. Live well, be kind to others, and ignore the bleatings of the priests and shamans.
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It is very nice question you have. The best religion of the world is the Islam. Islam is predominant in all over the world these days. Islam gives us the lesson of mercifulness and kindness. The best book of the world “Quran” is the book of the Islam. It is book for not only for the Muslims but also for the whole world. When we follow the Islam we find the solution of our problems.
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Which Islam do you follow that teaches mercifullness and kindness. In our world? On this planet? Seems to me you haven't read your book on solutions to the world's problems.
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For me islam is!! Its very good religion...once u read the quranu'll know evrything...it describes the way man should live his life....its mentioned even about the  signs which will occur  leading to the closeness of the judgement day....christianity come after islam...in quran " isa alisalaam " is one of the mesengers who is now believed to be god by christians....think if he is known as god's son then why do people worship jesus(god's son)...yo should worship god!!not jesus...in hinduism there are many gods....one god for each wrk...if god is ultimate then why there are several gods for division of labour in hinduism....islam the best religion and the true religion...do what ever u want ...if u r not a muslim u r not going to heaven...only muslims get heaven...
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Try to understand or discover what does religion define to you. There is one example that God accepted the kind of religion which found in James 1:27. Try study it and see how much different is it then what the worldly men defined religion.

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