How Do I Summon A Dead Family Member?


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You do not need a Medium to call out to a deceased family member. They know when you are in need, and most of the time, they will come and sit by you for a bit. If you do not have gifts that allows you to see or hear the otherworldly, it's ok. Just sit in silence, alone, and close your eyes. Use your other senses. The sense of smell and touch. Sometimes it comes with a simple skin tingle, or a familiar scent.

Sometimes, it could be as overwhelming as being surrounded by the emotion of love..a fullness in your heart that causes you to cry in joy. Just give in to the emotion. You will know when your loved one is there..IF you let it come naturally.

And remember, they really don't want to come to the physical world after a while, but they will do so..for us, IF they can..Sometimes, they cannot. Do not be saddened if this is your case. You can write me by going to my profile. Blessings, Ghostseer

PS; The human heart heals of all sorrow in time, but it never forgets or loses love. eternal..
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Unless you are a medium, you may need the help of one.
Also, have you thought perhaps the departed family member may not want to be summoned? When doing a reading, you don't always get to hear from the person you want to .

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