Dreams Of A Family Member Getting Shot What Does That Mean?


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There are four possible meanings for this type of dream:

1. You are concerned for something that might happen to this individual, or that you are worried for a decision they will soon have to make.
2. Something will happen to this person where they will need your help (most likely not a death)
3. Your relationship is stronger than you think with this person and you will soon realize how strong it truly is.
4. If it is somebody you haven't talked to in a while, becoming closer to this person will bebfit you greatly.
My advice: Stay close to this family member and don't worry about it. These dreams mean so many things, and they very rarely mean truth. Quite the opposite in fact.
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It's okay; it's really all in your mind. You're probably just scared. Unless you actually see God in a dream, it's probably not a sign.
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When I was younger I had a dream that a close family friend had died and the next day my dad told me she had committed suicide that night. I hope in your case it dose not turn out to be real. I wish you luck.
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I had a really strange dream about my dad being shot, but he was shot in the foot, well more like his toe and the bullet had bounced off the wall first. And I remember it being two guys in a white van, like a drive by shooting into the front porch of our house, and I actually picked him up and put him in the car to go to the hospital and as my mums driving the shooters drive past, and my mums swearing like crazy at them.

This is one of the strange and horrible dreams I've had lately
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I dream my father got shot and my sister that passed away was there also with me and she told me to hide cause they could shot me to then I went back and saw my father with a bullet on his chest

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