When You Wake Up From A Dream Why Is It So Easy To Completely Forget It?


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Well as you can probably guess from the answers so far, there's no exact known right answer. There are lots of different theories. It may because dreaming is a process of the unconscious mind. Whether the unconscious is working out our conscious problems, or just pulling out random memories and images, when we wake up we become aware of our conscious environment and so put these back into our unconscious minds. Alternatively, our dreams sometimes work in metaphors, which explains why they are sometimes so apparently random. We forget them when we wake because our conscious minds can't understand them anyway. Another famous psychologist called Frued said that our dreams are actually our minds way of figuring out things that are too traumatic for our conscious minds to cope with. Hence its a self-defence mechanism for us to forget the dreams.
It's been proven in studies that we forget 90% of our dreams when we wake up. Dreams occur during a stage of sleep called rapid eye movement. We have sleep cycles in which REM sleep comes round every 90 minutes or so. We have dreams during most of these stages of REM sleep, usually you'll only be able to remember at most 1 dream a night, so you can see just how many dreams we actually forget.
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If you want to try and remember what you were dreaming, I find that NOT trying works best...the harder you try, the harder it becomes. Then sometimes it suddenly pops into your head what you had been dreaming about. Or am I the only one? LOL. I also sometimes pick up with the same dream where I left off when I go to sleep the following night.
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That is just the way our mind works.  When we wake up, we are aware of what is going on around us and think about everything that we have to do and worry about, so you usually will forget.  However, later if you go to relax you may remember parts of your dream.  Some times, things may happen and you wont remember your dream and it will be like dejavu.  However, sometimes you may dream the same dream and be able to remember more about it each time, or it may even change.
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We saw dreams that is true. But before we sleep what we think it comes in our mind and it saved in our unconscious mind. When we suddenly wake up from dream we are afraid of what going on and whats around us and we forget everything.
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Heard that some dreams u cant remember

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